Five reasons that you might want to start your company in Shams

The Sharjah Media City Free Zone (Shams Free Zone) was officially opened in the year 2017. It adequately allows entrepreneurs, SMEs, and start-ups to create businesses in the fields of media and innovation both locally and globally for a cheap investment.

Shams’  ultimate purpose is to make creative entrepreneurship accessible to all aspiring startups, SMEs, and established businesses looking to expand locally and internationally. Shams is a vibrant programme that forges close bonds with talented people as it draws many. So, it is becoming internationally acclaimed very easily and fast.

Advantages of setting up a business at SHAMS Freezone

Dubai freezone business setup is an amazing opportunity for businessmen all around the world to actually start a business there. You can quickly set up the business and experience a hassle-free setup process. More than that you will get to experience a budget-friendly business setup along with strategic location, Visa access and business incorporation benefits. Let us discuss more about the reasons why you should start a business in the SHAMS media city free zone.

Ideal place for the media industry 

UAE is always up in the front to serve the media industry and Emirates like Ajman, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These are the places that are under dedication to the media industry. Things you will be considering is the budget-friendly setup, the ideal location, visa access and so on.


If you are on a tight budget but really want to set up a successful business in Dubai then SHAMS business setup is an option. You can set up the business with a range of budget that starts from AED 11,500. SHAMS provides excellent value for money across a wide range of commercial activities in a tax-free country. S0, you will enjoy cost benefits like 100% repatriation of capital and profits,   100% Foreign Ownership and 0% corporate or personal tax. Also, you have no customs duty which is a plus point when setting up a business.

Amazing location


The place is an amazing choice for budding businessmen around the world as it offers you offices for rent or purchase around different zones. Anway the most important point of the location is that it is located about fifteen minutes away from Dubai Airport. It is approximately five minutes away from Sharjah Airport. The place is actually surrounded by rich assets like residential boulevards, creative units, plazas and hotels. The location is made even more attractive and well connected with a brilliant network of roads and metro. 

Application of business activities

Yes, it is pretty much to set up a business in SHAMS with the right amount of guidance and support from experts. They can support you with the resources you provide but what about the application activities? The thing is that you will get a lot of options for business activities and you can select as many as you like within one license. So, you can start your business by selecting one or two that’s of your interest. Also please note that the option is not available in any other free zones in the UAE.

Quick setup process

Do you want to set up your business in Dubai fast and hassle-free? Then a company formation in Sharjah Media City is the best choice for you. It takes up to a week or less to set up a company there. All the required documentation and further paperwork require only two days of work. If you are having trouble being quick then you can consult experts who will pinpoint the needs. They will help you with immigration card and Visa stamping and it takes around one month to complete. Furthermore, the staff can be hired without the necessity for Ministry of Labor contract certification.

Visa access

Now, let us look into one of the advantages that are very important for the business that set itself upon Shams Media City. The visa access is the advantage that spreads a smile on the businessman’s face. You can get access to an investor visa with a payment deposit and it’s free of age restriction. So, you can get up to a maximum of six visas for your employers, family members or even household workers and so on. 

Business Incorporation benefits

Businesses in the Shams free zone really don’t need to have a physical presence to be legitimate. This is because it lets the owner/owners operate from anywhere in the globe. It is obvious that the companies will profit from LLCs since they will be able to appoint Corporate Directors and Corporate Managers.


To sum it up, SHAMS company formation has a lot of advantages and it starts with its affordability as it provides businessmen with budget-friendly packages. Being a dream place for entrepreneurs around the world is not such a small thing as the company registration in SHAMS is done 100 per cent remotely. So, you can do it whether you are in UAE or abroad which is a plus point and it takes up to seven days.

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