Drawing games make them yourself and have fun

Drawing games are usually the simplest games that elicit the most laughter, fun, and creativity at all ages. Paper suffers a lot, and our fun and creative ideas often turn into a social game.

Find out below what the most famous drawing games are and how to design and make some drawing games to entertain the whole family.

The importance of drawing

Drawing is a basic human activity that develops naturally from an early age. Historically, people have left traces and symbols by drawing on caves, expressing their current state and way of life.

While we are not all artistically gifted to convey absolutely everything we imagine on paper, each of us can draw at least something simple. Therefore, it is important to emphasize that drawing is a skill that can be practiced but should be used.


Drawing serves as a means of communication, expression of opinion, feelings, and perception. It can be improved over time, but it needs to be practiced, which is especially difficult today due to advances in technology whose use significantly weakens fine motor skills.

Drawing develops fine motor skills, visual perception, eye-hand coordination, spatial planning, visual memory, etc. Even clinical drawing tests serve as psychodiagnostic, and they determine the way an individual understands things around him.

Drawing games

Drawing through play is an exciting way of having fun for children and adults, regardless of their artistic abilities. Some drawing games are so interesting and creative that you are simply tireless even after playing for a long time. Each game is special in its own way, and it is even more special if you make it yourself.

Pictionary, make it yourself

If you prefer a game of drawing and guessing, the most famous such game is definitely Pictionary, a world-famous board game in which a person has to draw a term they draw on a card while others guess what they are drawing.

In doing so, the other participants may know the category of the concept (e.g., animal, thing, action), but they know nothing more than that. The most fun part is the time limit for drawing, which makes the game especially interesting. Pictionary is one of those games that leaves lasting memories of fun gatherings with family and friends.

Drawing with a pencil is not such a fun game because children love colors, but combine this drawing with guessing, and they will be delighted. If you want to make a version of this game yourself, try the simpler one, which is no less fun than the original version.

Design and write a few terms on small pieces of paper. On the back of each piece of paper, you can write which category it belongs to or mark it with a color representing a certain category (e.g., green color – animal, yellow color action). Roll the papers well and put them in a bowl.

Play so that the one who draws the piece of paper also has to draw the concept. There should be at least three participants to play, and if there are many more participants, you can always play in teams.

Scoring and rewards depend on the imagination and creativity of the participants, and you can always complicate the game with original ideas such as drawing with a non-dominant hand or drawing with one eye closed.

A book of funny characters

This activity can entertain the whole family and is especially suitable for parents and young children. It’s effortless, and you play it in a way that you all draw some funny characters. The goal of the game is to make the character look as fun as possible and have a story.

Namely, after you draw your character, you have to bring him to life by creating his name, life story, or even organizing a play. Making the game is pretty simple, and all you need is paper, cardboard, thread, a paper drill, scissors, and felt-tip pens.

The cardboard represents the book’s cover, and you have to cut all the papers into three horizontal pieces. Make holes in the paper and cardboard with a paper drill so you can thread them or some other material into the book.

Once you do that, you can start drawing funny characters, but since the paper is in three parts, you draw the head first on the top paper, in the middle of the nose, and finally on the mouth. The funniest part is that each character can have different eyes, noses, or mouths, and there is no end to creativity.

In this way, children and adults play, develop their drawing skills, but also creativity. There will be as many different combinations of characters as you choose, and be sure to make an effort to invent background stories.

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